💻🎙 Marshall Goldsmith: The Essentials Of Leadership [The Knowledge Project Ep. #142]

Happened to listen to this podcast episode again “by mistake” today. It packs a lot of wisdom on leadership and coaching. Too much to process on a single listen. It was easy to just let it play once I realized what it was. Some personal highlights:

  • if you want to change be rigorous about follow-up
  • you can make an idea 5% better by providing your input but diminish the commitment of others by 50%
  • breathe, let it go
  • never start a sentence with “no”, “but”, “however”
  • never base your value as a human on actual outcomes; do your best
  • we are here to make a positive difference in the world, not to prove how right or smart we are

Photo by Josie Weiss